InBrace Lingual Braces – Houston, TX

A Trusted Brand of Lingual Braces

Originally designed in 2012, InBrace is a brand of lingual braces that is designed to provide patients with the reliability and high success rates of traditional braces, as well as the discreet appearance of aligners. Their patented design makes going through orthodontic treatment easier than ever, allowing our patients to enjoy minimal impact on their day-to-day lives while straightening their smiles. For questions or to learn more about InBrace in Houston, call our orthodontic office today to schedule a consultation.

Why Choose Hall Orthodontics & TMJ for InBrace Lingual Braces?

  • Brackets Placed on Inside of Teeth for Maximum Discretion
  • 3M-Unitek Center of Excellence for Incognito Lingual Braces
  • We Accept & Maximize Most Dental Insurance Plans

What Is InBrace?

One hand holding several clear aligners and one hand holding an archwire for InBrace lingual braces in Houston

Like most lingual braces designs, InBrace uses brackets and wires like traditional braces, except Dr. Hall will bond them to the backside of your teeth instead of the visible surface. The shape of the Smartwire is uniquely designed for your case by AI algorithms, allowing you to easily brush and floss without having to worry about using specially designed tools to access between the bracket and wires. Ultimately, InBrace provides patients with not only clinically proven results but also the ease and convenience of what patients often get with plastic aligners. 

How InBrace Works

Burnette woman smiling with InBrace lingual braces
  1. Digital Scan of Mouth: Once you decide to move forward with InBrace in Houston, Dr. Hall will begin the process by capturing a digital 3D scan of your mouth. This will create a 3D model of your bite and teeth, allowing Dr. Hall to show you how your smile will change throughout the treatment process.
  2. Custom Creation of Orthodontic Appliance: Special software will be examined by Dr. Hall and an AI algorithm, allowing for the custom creation of each of your brackets and Smartwire.
  3. Fitting of Smartwire & Brackets: Once your orthodontist, Dr. Hall, receives your custom-crafted Smartwire and brackets, he’ll call you back in to fit and attach them to the backside of your teeth so they can start aligning.
  4. Attend Check-Ins Until Results are Achieved: Because Smartwire is created just for you, most patients don’t have to visit their orthodontists for check-ins as often with InBrace, saving you from monthly appointments.

Why InBrace Is Different

Smiling woman with arrow pointing to her smile and text that reads P S she is wearing InBrace

InBrace offers a wide range of benefits that are causing it to quickly rise to become a top-recommended brand by orthodontists. Some of the advantages you’ll be able to enjoy include:

  • Shorter Average Treatment Time With Fewer Appointments: Compared to traditional braces and plastic aligners, on average, InBrace treatment can straighten teeth 20 percent faster.
  • Easier to Maintain Good Oral Health: Due to the unique “U” design of the Smartwire, InBrace makes keeping up with your daily hygiene routine (brushing and flossing) much easier.
  • Works Without In-Depth Maintenance: Instead of having to worry about taking your aligners out each time you eat, InBrace works on autopilot and never stops aligning your pearly whites.
  • Eat & Drink Normally: Because your brackets and Smartwire are attached to the backs of your teeth, you don’t have to worry about food and debris easily becoming visibly caught on your orthodontic appliance.
  • Discreet Appearance: One of the best benefits for adults and teens alike is that InBrace lingual braces are virtually invisible because they’re attached to the backside of teeth.