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Caring for more than 15,000 smiles, it’s no surprise that Dr. Hall is highly respected in the field and in the Houston area. With patients traveling from all over the country to see him, the reviews left by our current patients speak for themselves. Allow the words of those who entrust Dr. Hall with their smiles to serve as your reason for choosing Hall Orthodontics & TMJ.


Written Reviews

"I highly recommend Dr. Hall

TMJ treatment, splint therapy. The treatment plan is great, limited pain, cost is affordable, facilities are wonderful, the insurance side is always explained in detail. Chair-side manners are great. Dr. Hall listens to you and addresses you by name without looking at your file beforehand. He is friendly and open to questions with treatment. He is very easy-going and not pushy, he lets you know the treatment options and you make the decisions that are right for you. The office staff is all always friendly and readily available for questions and appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Hall for anyone who needs treatment for TMJ related problems.”

“Dr. Hall is a very good orthodontist.

He is likable not only for his good orthodontic skills but for his manner with teenagers as well. He always knew how to put my daughter at ease making her feel comfortable and successful in her treatment. My daughter had double jaw surgery as well and Dr. Hall was able to coordinate very well with her surgeon. She had minimal pain and swelling and came through the whole thing much better and much faster than I expected. I would recommend Dr. Hall to anyone needing braces or other such treatment. He is not the least expensive Dr. out there but he was well worth the extra expense.”

“My children both had their orthodontics performed by Dr. Hall.

His office staff was helpful at scheduling appointments around our busy schedule. The treatments worked and they worked with our insurance carrier too. Nice facilities and comfy patient chairs. I don't think the braces experience is necessarily pain-free in any case, but they did take their time and cared for the needs of the kids!”


"Dr. Hall took very good care of me and my teeth

I avoided the braces I needed for 22 years. Dr. Hall took very good care of me and my teeth, which look lovely. His office staff is amazing: kind, funny, and extremely efficient. I didn't shop around pricewise, so I don't really know how comparable his rates are. My insurance doesn't cover orthodontia, so I paid for everything using the monthly plan Dr, Hall offered. It was very easy--they charged my credit card each month and provided excellent receipts for Flex account reimbursement.”

“We love Dr. Hall!

I am most impressed with the cleanliness, and especially the very, very organized and efficient front desk! It is NEVER cluttered!! Both my children had braces”

“Would & will recommend Dr. Hall to others

I am a 51 year old male & from the UK. Orthodontists who work for adults in the UK are not so easy to find. My own UK dentist for example, put me off from getting my teeth aligned, therefore, when I came to Houston, I opted to get an opinion from Dr. T Hall. He assured me he could do the orthodontic work & I could get the result that I wanted. Two years later, I now have a lovely smile. Would & will recommend Dr. T Hall to others.”

“Nurses are extremely nice, front desk is nice, and Dr. Hall is a perfectionist.

Treatment is like you are at a spa, comfortable chairs, and a very nice office. Nurses are extremely nice, front desk is nice, and Dr. Hall is a perfectionist. He is a hardworking orthodontist who makes you feel at home while you are in his office. Your teeth will look PERFECT one you leave and he will make sure you get exactly what you want.”

“I will recommend Dr. Hall in the future

My Daughter had braces for over two years. She had a good experience overall and the treatment was a success. He also worked on my son, who had an expander for about six months. The entire staff was very helpful and prompt to assist when you need it. I will recommend Dr. Hall in the future. Thanks Dr Hall, I'm sure I will see you in a couple years with my son.”

“Dr. Hall is an excellent orthodontist I highly recommend him

Prescilla and the entire staff are very friendly and are great to work with. I was suffering from TMJ and we worked on a customized treatment plan for me. I wear a nightguard that is extremely comfortable from the ones I had in the past. I don't even notice that I have it on. I just received my day guard and it will take some getting used to, but it's worth it. I am now pain free and ready for my braces in October.”

“Dr. Hall did an excellent job addressing my series of issues

TMJ, teeth crooked and crowded, etc... which were not corrected during my initial years of braces as a teenager seeing another orthodontist. My care required a combination of jaw splint, braces, and jaw surgery with Dr. Terry Taylor... and all were handled very well. If you have a difficult case, Dr. Hall is definitely worth his price tag.”

“I'm going back to Dr. Hall!

My son had crowded/crooked teeth so he got braces put in back in January 2007. He just had the braces removed and his smile looks great! The price was comparable to others and I received a good payment plan. Appointments were flexible and waiting time was minimal. The couple of times a wire came loose, he was accommodated quickly for repair. My daughter has small spaces in her teeth and now she's next for braces. I'm going back to Dr Hall.”

“Make it worth your time and effort and see Dr. Hall

I was referred to Dr. Hall for treatment of TMJ as an adult. I agree that his staff is helpful and polite, and that the office is nice. The most important aspect, though, about an orthodontist is his TALENT and meticulous attention to detail. Dr. Hall is one of the best in Houston. I also appreciated how he gave me a realistic idea of what to expect before I agreed to undergo treatment. If you are going to invest several thousand dollars in your teeth, make it worth your time and effort and see Dr. Hall.”

“Love, love, love the staff!

They are VERY helpful, sweet and attentive. I feel like Dr. Hall is up to date with techniques and procedures. They are always very professional!”

“Dr. Hall is absolutely the best!

Dr. Hall treats adults & children, and has a genuine expertise with gearing his approach to a wide spectrum of patients. This is my second time around for braces...I wish that I had been a patient of Dr. Hall's the first time (during my teens) because of his expertise and attention to details. I love the x-rays he has performed on each patient...it really shows you the extent of therapy needed, and the results at the end! My smile is perfect!”

“I highly recommend Dr. Hall to anyone contemplating orthodontic care

Dr. Hall's staff is very friendly and easy to work with. Glenda does a great job of working with insurance plans, as well as negotiating payment plans with you. All of the hygienists are well educated on procedures and are friendly and very helpful with any questions you may have before, during, or after your regularly scheduled appointments. I highly recommend Dr. Hall to anyone contemplating orthodontic care.”

“I am like a new person!!!

I have dealt with TMJ pain for over ten years and have seen other specialists with no results. I was taking medication at least once if not more a day. Since I have started the treatment with Dr. Hall I have had no pain in the jaw area and have not taken any pain medication. I am like a new person!!! I would recommend him to anyone!!!”

“I no longer have the headaches

I had TMJ and lots of headaches for years. Now that I have straightened my teeth, I no longer have the headaches, thanks to Dr. Hall.”

“Dr. Hall is an excellent practitioner; he is honest and skilled

I have been dealing with TMJ for years and after one year of treatment from him, I can see drastic results! He is honest about what needs to be done in order to fix a problem and is very detail-oriented.”

“I only wish Dr. Hall had been her Ortho the entire time. NO COMPARISON

My daughter went to Dr. Hall when she was in middle school. He was wonderful. Unfortunately, we moved to Humble and switched to another. I can only wish Dr. Hall had been her Ortho the entire time. NO COMPARISON.”

“He saved me from having jaw surgery!

Before getting braces I got 2 other opinions besides Dr. Hall's. One ortho wanted to pull teeth, move everything over, and then maybe have surgery. Another wanted braces and surgery. Neither explained why. Dr. Hall set expectations and explained why surgery would be used to correct my bite if I needed it after braces. I can't believe it but my bite leveled out, my teeth lined up and now I don't have to have my jaw broken and moved back. OMG - how great is that! They are professional, nice, and very good at what they do. Definitely a good, sound investment. Thanks, Dr. Hall!”

"We will never go to anyone else but Dr. Hall

After a terrible experience with my first child's, a very well-known, orthodontist, I searched for a new orthodontist. Dr. Hall was recommended to me by a friend. My second child had his braces with Dr. Hall and his teeth are beautiful. When my third child needed braces we decided to go to another very well-known orthodontist nearer to her school. Again, we experienced an unsatisfactory outcome. After three different orthodontists, I can honestly say Dr. Hall is the best. Now, my first child (who is now 21) wants her teeth corrected. We will never go to anyone else but Dr. Hall.”

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