Accelerated Orthodontics – Houston, TX

Safely Get the Orthodontic Results You Want, Faster

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Whether you have lingual or traditional braces, or you’re an adult or teen, accelerated orthodontics in Houston is an excellent option for most cases. Using Wilckodontics, also referred to as PAOO or AOO (Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics), Dr. Hall can dramatically shorten treatment times, so you don’t have to undergo treatment for any longer than absolutely necessary. Call our office today to learn more about speeding up your treatment, while being able to gain better results as a traditional orthodontic journey.  Dr Hall is the most experienced orthodontist in Texas using the PAOO/Wilckodontics method of accelerated orthodontics.

Why Choose Hall Orthodontics & TMJ for Accelerated Orthodontics?

  • Appropriate for All Types of Braces, Ages, and Cases
  • Most Cases Treatable in 6-12 Months
  • Expert Orthodontist with Over 28 Years of Experience

Do You Want Straight Teeth in Less Time? Accelerated Orthodontics Is the Answer

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Dr. Tom Hall only offers services and orthodontic brands that he truly believes in, and with over two decades of clinical research and demonstrated high success rates, he’s proud to offer Wilckodontics in conjunction with both lingual and traditional braces in Houston. Additionally, Dr. Hall is certified in PAOO/Wilckodontics, meaning he has completed extensive additional education and hands-on training to offer this treatment.

Accelerated orthodontics can safely shift teeth into their ideal positions two to three times faster than traditional methods, meaning that an 18-36-month treatment could be cut down to as little as six to 12 months.

This process combines orthodontics with out-patient oral surgery by stimulating bone growth, which aids in teeth moving more quickly and precisely. Before Dr. Hall applies your brackets and wires, a small amount of soft and hard tissue will be manipulated to allow the teeth to shift more easily. This technique can be applied to a single tooth, a group of teeth, or both arches to achieve the ideal results. This method allows for greater movement of the teeth in less time.  The final orthodontic result is more stable because “new” bone has been formed around the teeth. Gone are the days of needing two to three years of wearing braces to get a nice smile.

The Benefits of Accelerated Orthodontics

There are countless reasons why our patients decide to invest in accelerated orthodontics in conjunction with their lingual or traditional braces besides a reduced treatment time of up to 60 percent. Some of these include:

  • Improved Gum & Dental Support: In some cases, bone grafts may be completed during the surgical part of this procedure, which can add support for the teeth as well as help them shift faster. This part of the process can even have positive impacts on your facial aesthetics in many cases.
  • Get Ready for a Big Life Event on Time: Whether you’re looking to straighten your smile before your big wedding day, an important graduation, or a class reunion, accelerated orthodontics can help you reach your timeline goal.
  • Minimally Invasive: Although this process does require minor oral surgery, it can take the place of more major procedures, like jaw surgery, which would require longer healing periods. In many cases, patients can quickly resume their daily errands and lifestyle.
  • Optimum Results: PAOO procedure allows the braces to perform efficiently, thereby delivering the optimal dental result in less time.