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Tom F. Hall, DDS. MS

Dr. Hall and his staff want to thank you for considering Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS as your go to Houston orthodontist. Our team takes the care of our patients and their well-being very seriously; specializing in many different treatments. Simply put, we are the best at making sure your health and experience are our top priority.
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& teens
Traditional Metal Braces, Clear (Ceramic) Braces, Clear Aligners, Lingual Braces
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Incognito Lingual Braces are placed behind your teeth, so no one will even know you are wearing braces - unless you want them to!
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As an Orthodontic Specialist, Dr. Hall has a unique background in conservative TMJ-TMD treatment. Dr. Hall has specialist training in bite development, function, and TMJ-TMD treatment.
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Dr. Hall offers Accelerated Orthodontics in conjunction with advanced Incognito Hidden lingual braces and offers different types of outside braces.
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Once considered mainly for children, orthodontics is now becoming more and more popular among adults.
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plastic aligners
Clear aligners are a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable acrylic trays that straighten your teeth like braces.
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Welcome to Hall Orthodontics

why we're exceptional

Dr. Tom Hall and his staff want to thank you for considering Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS as your go-to Houston orthodontist. Our team takes care of our patients and their well-being very seriously; specializing in many different treatments. Simply put, we are the best at making sure your health and experience are our top priority.  

Why We Are the Best 

  • Over 28 years Orthodontic Specialty Experience Adults & Children

  • Only Houston Orthodontic practice is a Center of Excellence for Lingual Braces.
  • TMJ-TMD Proven, Experienced, and Reliable TMJ therapy.
  • Equipped with the most up-to-date technology and procedures.
  • A friendly, expert team dedicated to making your orthodontic journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
  • Two Locations that are State of the Art, Convenient, and Patient Comfortable
  • Over 15,000 smiles served! 

Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS provides specialized treatments including Lingual braces, Invisalign, Clear Ceramic braces, traditional metal braces for children, teens and adults, along with TMJ-TMD therapy. Our office is equipped with the most up-to-date technology and latest procedures that are provided in a relaxing environment meant to help you stay comfortable during the process. With our expert team, it is no wonder that Dr. Hall has helped over 15,000 smiles become healthier and more beautiful than ever! 
Dr. Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS is the only Houston orthodontic office that is a Center of Excellence for Lingual braces.  We offer several types of Lingual braces. This unique system allows for patients to smile with confidence both during and after treatment. The braces are Completely hidden from view as they are attached to the back of the teeth. Lingual Braces can be used in ALL orthodontic cases.
Dr. Hall has a unique background as an Orthodontist Specialist in TMJ-TMD treatment and therapy. This specialized training he studied focuses on bite development and function. For patients, his understanding makes it easy to discuss what causes these problems and provides solutions to assist in alleviating the symptoms of TMJ-TMD. Dr. Hall's approach is conservative, reliable, and has a history of providing relief.
Our office provides the best in Orthodontic options, which include a wide range of procedures including Lingual braces, Teen and Adult braces, Clear braces, and Invisalign.  
We offer Accelerated Orthodontics option which can finish most orthodontic cases in 6-12 months with superior results.
Dr. Tom Hall has practiced as a Houston orthodontic specialist for over 28 years. His ultimate goal is to create a more perfectly beautiful, and importantly, healthy smile for everyone that walks in the office.  Dr. Hall and his team understand that your time is important and ensure that your visit as a valued member of our practice is spent in the most efficient way possible. Our team is dedicated to providing the best care for you and your family. 
Our team is meticulous in following the latest developments in orthodontic treatments. With technological advances constantly evolving, we are dedicated to staying ahead with new technologies, medicines, and procedures providing you with the best care. Dr. Hall attends numerous advanced conferences every year so he and his team can stay ahead of all the evolving technologies that are introduced into the field of orthodontics.
We have specialized and excelled in treating many complex and difficult cases over the years, and that experience has placed our highlighted our practice, leading the way for Houston Orthodontics. Dr. Hall has the best orthodontist experience in the Houston area for adult treatments. Our office has many different treatment options available for patients of all ages in their orthodontic journey. To find out what the buzz is all about on the best Houston Orthodontic practice the area has to offer, make sure to schedule an appointment or consultation with Dr. Hall and his team of experts today!
We want to make sure that the best is out there and we pride ourselves on thinking that Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS, and our team is providing that excellent care with the best in new development and technologies. Our team is ready to make sure that you and your smile are getting the best care available. Dr. Hall and his team’s ultimate goal is to create that perfect, healthy smile that you have always dreamed of! 


“My Daughter had braces for over two years, she had a good experience overall and the treatment was a success. Dr. Hall also worked on my son and he had and expander for about six months. The entire staff was very helpful and prompt to assist when need it. Thanks Dr Hall, I'm sure I will see you in a couple years with my son.” “Treatment feels like you're at a spa: comfortable chairs and a very nice office. The staff are extremely nice and Dr. Hall is a perfectionist. He is a hardworking orthodontist who makes you feel at home while you are in his office. Your teeth will look PERFECT once you leave and he will make sure you get exactly what you want.” “Dr. Hall is an excellent orthodontist I highly recommend him. I was suffering from TMJ and we worked on a customized treatment plan for me. I wear a nightguard that is extremely comfortable from the ones I had in the past, I don't even notice that I have it on. I just received my day guard and it will take some getting use to, but its worth it. I am now pain-free and ready for my braces in soon.” “Dr. Hall did an excellent job addressing my series of issues: TMJ, teeth crooked and crowded, etc, which were not corrected during my initial years wearing braces as a teenager with another orthodontist. My care required a combination of jaw splint, braces, and jaw surgery with and all were handled very well. If you have a difficult case, Dr. Hall is definitely worth his price tag.” “The most important aspect about an orthodontist is his TALENT and meticulous attention to detail. Dr. Hall is one of the best in Houston. I also appreciated how he gave me a realistic idea of what to expect before I agreed to undergo treatment. If you are going to invest several thousand dollars in your teeth, make it worth your time and effort and see Dr. Hall.”
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