Orthodontic Technology – Houston, TX

No More Messy Impressions!

Two treatment chairs in Houston orthodontic office

Technology in the orthodontic field is constantly evolving, and Dr. Hall makes every effort to stay at the forefront of new developments for the sake of his patients. His modern approach to orthodontic technology in Houston helps improve the treatment process from every possible angle, including overall efficiency, clinical comfort, and long-lasting results. He looks forward to helping you explore these benefits in greater detail during an in-person visit. You can also learn more by continuing to read below.

Intraoral Digital Scanner

orthodontist gesturing to computer monitor with digital models of teeth

The intraoral digital scanner has revolutionized how orthodontists capture images of a patient’s teeth for treatment planning! Parents and older people who had braces back in the day will surely remember having to sit still through the use of gooey materials in their mouths that would create an impression. Now, the next generation can enjoy a faster, smoother, and much more accurate process with an intraoral digital scanner, which creates a detailed 3D model for Dr. Hall’s use- no gagging or discomfort required.