Clear/Ceramic Braces – Houston, TX

Straighten Your Smile with Discreet, Effective Brackets & Wires

Close up of smile with clear ceramic braces in Houston

At Hall Orthodontics & TMJ, we see many adults who either didn’t get the opportunity to straighten their smile when they were younger, or require retreatment, alongside teens. For those who are looking for a less noticeable alternative to traditional metal braces, we offer ceramic brackets. This can help our patients maintain higher confidence as they’re undergoing treatment, especially if they need to be in professional environments like an office building or in public. Call us today to learn more about clear braces in Houston and whether they’re a good option for you!

Why Choose Hall Orthodontics & TMJ for Clear/Ceramic Braces?

  • Orthodontist with TMJ Treatment Expertise
  • We Accept & Maximize Most Dental Insurance Plans
  • Two Convenient Office Locations in Houston

What Are Clear/Ceramic Braces?

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Clear braces and traditional braces utilize the same technique to straighten teeth—placing gradual, consistent pressure on teeth to help shift them into their proper alignment using brackets and archwires. The primary difference is the materials used to craft them. Instead of using metal for the brackets, they’re created from a durable clear ceramic that blends in with the background of your teeth. The archwire is also transparent, allowing it to have minimal visual impact on your smile.

Benefits of Clear/Ceramic Braces

Smiling teenage girl with clear ceramic braces

With clear/ceramic braces in Houston, you can enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Durable ceramic helps reduce your risk of accidentally damaging your orthodontic appliance.
  • Discreet appearance with materials that blend in with the rest of your smile.
  • Ceramic doesn’t demineralize your tooth enamel, causing the color of your teeth to drastically change, which you can notice after your brackets and wires are taken off.
  • Ability to provide faster results than clear aligners as well as address more moderate to severe orthodontic issues.

Are You a Good Candidate for Clear/Ceramic Braces?

Young woman with clear ceramic braces holding a flower bouquet outdoors

Virtually anyone who has orthodontic issues is a good candidate for clear braces, especially for those with metal sensitivities or allergies. We typically recommend this treatment for teens or adults who are looking to straighten their smile without calling attention to the fact, as well as dealing with crowding, rotated teeth, bite misalignment, and other orthodontic problems. To learn whether you’re a good candidate for ceramic braces, visit Dr. Tom Hall for a consultation today!