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Welcome to Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS - Orthodontist Houston Central

Serving Downtown, River Oaks, The Heights, Galleria, West U., and Medical Center

Thank you for considering Dr. Tom F. Hall as your orthodontist in Houston. Hall Orthodontics provides comprehensive orthodontic care for adults and children in Houston utilizing the latest orthodontic technology in a relaxing contemporary setting. Clear ceramic braces, Incognito Lingual braces, Invisalign and TMD-TMJ therapy. Our goal is a beautiful smile for you.

Dr. Tom Hall has practiced as an orthodontist specialist for over 25 years in Houston. Dr. Hall and his staff understand that adults and children appreciate options and advanced technology when it comes to their orthodontics treatment. From clear ceramic outside braces, Incognito/Inside Braces, clear plastic trays or traditional metal outside braces, we offer all.

Dr. Hall is the orthodontist in Houston that is a Center of Excellence for the Incognito orthodontics braces system by 3M. Dr. Hall has been diligent about pursuing the latest developments in Incognito behind the teeth hidden braces. Dr. Hall attends numerous Incognito and orthodontics conferences every year to stay ahead of the evolving technologies that are shaping the way orthodontics is applied.

Efficiency, Precision and Predictability of Treatment

Braces on the outside of the teeth, OR on the Inside of the teeth? You choose.

Patients that desire the most precise, predictable and efficient method of Orthodontics may consider Incognito, the new digitally designed, custom braces that are positioned behind the teeth.

Advanced Incognito digital technology and CAD CAM engineering make Incognito custom braces superior to other orthodontic systems. Incognito braces are pre-programmed to move your teeth to a pre-designed position. Because these braces are placed on the back of the teeth, and are energized by custom wires, they will move teeth more precisely, predictably and more efficiently (less time), than any other orthodontics braces. Any and all types of cases may be treated with Incognito behind the teeth braces. No qualifying required.

Just as contact lenses have replaced eye glasses, as USB flash drives have replaced floppy disks, digital technology has now dramatically changed orthodontics precision, shortened treatment times, and increased the predictability of results.

Why would anyone want braces on the outside of the teeth?

For patients that have time constraints we also offer surgically accelerated orthodontic treatments, known as Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO), that is suitable for adults and teens that allow significant reduction in orthodontics treatment times.

We offer traditional metal orthodontics braces, Ceramic Clear braces, Incognito hidden braces and surgically accelerated orthodontics. Dr. Hall is happy to discuss with you how these orthodontics systems can work for you.

Children's Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early examination of orthodontic problems for children is recommended beginning at age 7 years, and is designed to minimize an orthodontics problem before it proceeds to an advanced stage. The benefit of Early Interceptive Orthodontics treatment is to minimize the problem, and create a more stable orthodontic result and an attractive, balanced smile profile as the child grows.

Our office offers expanded appointment hours so appointments can be scheduled around school and work. We also work with most insurance plans.

Contact our office today to schedule your complimentary initial visit for orthodontics treatment. Dr. Hall and his staff look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a beautiful smile.

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