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Dr. Hall's practice is comprised of 50% children and 50% adults.
We provide Early Interceptive Preventative orthodontic treatment for children age 7 through the teen years. Special attention to growth and development problems at this age can assure more favorable outcomes later. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children be seen for an orthodontic screening at age 7. However, orthodontics is possible at any age, so its never too late.

Dr. Hall offers conservative Interceptive Orthodontics for children during the proper phase of growth to acheive optimal benefits. Treating in Phases is a very conservative, but most effective method to minimize time in Orthodontic treatment while maximizing results. Trust your orthodontic treatment to a certified Orthodontist. Orthodontists complete 3 additional years of study after dental school to become Orthodontic Specialiists. 
Many of Dr. Hall's adult patients have special bite alignment issues or complex problems with missing teeth and/or TMJ/TMD symptoms. Adult braces are very common today. Dr. Hall has experience with adult treatment to facilitate orthodontic care for the “grown-ups” who may have been too busy in the past or were too anxious about having braces. Dr. Hall is one of the best orthodontists in Houston for adult orthodontics. Treatment at any age is far easier than most adults think.
Our practice is the only Houston metropolitan Center of Excellence for the Incognito™ lingual braces system, behind-the-teeth braces that no one will know you are wearing, and they are the most technologically precise method available to straighten teeth. The results with CAD-CAM designed Incognito lingual braces are exceptional. Dr. Hall is the best Orthodontist in Houston for patients interested in lingual braces.

Dr. Hall also is the best orthodontist in Houston offering surgically accelerated Wilckodontics-orthodontics and has the most experience with this type of treatment. The benefits of surgically accelerated orthodontics include increased bone around the teeth, increased scope of orthodontic treatment, and enhanced stability of teeth post orthodontics. Plus, these cases can finish in less than half the time of conventional orthodontics! Dr. Hall is the premier orthodontist in Houston for accelerated orthodontics. 

  • Excellence in Orthodontics for Exceptional Smiles!
  • Convenient before school/work early appointments
  • Free Initial Visit for braces
  • Insurance Accepted
  • Advanced all digital orthodontic records
  • Choices of treatment options for adults and teens
  • Latest in technologically advanced orthodontic techniques and selection of braces styles
  • Certified sterilization protocols
  • Doctor and staff habla Espanol
  • Easy Payment Plans offered
  • CARECREDIT accepted
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