Dr. Tom Hall is a native Houstonian, and has enjoyed the specialty of orthodontics for over 25 years, improving the function and appearance of smiles in Houston. He is now treating a third generation of happy patients.


Dr. Hall graduated from the University of Houston Main with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology during three years of study. He graduated from the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He returned to university to specialize in orthodontics and obtained a Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Texas Dental Branch in Houston. During his orthodontic residency he completed additional course work and original research in TMD, bite alignment, and muscle function to earn a Master of Science degree from the University of Texas School of Public Health. Dr. Hall's original research of TMD was published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.


Orthodontics for Adults & Children

Dr. Tom Hall is a life learner and passionate about his work. Before returning to residency for advanced specialty training in orthodontics, Dr. Hall practiced General Dentistry for five years, gaining valuable experience and treatment perspective, dealing with complex dental cases. He routinely treated cases involving dental cosmetics, crown and bridge, oral surgery, bite alignment and TMJ dysfunction. Dr. Hall has provided orthodontic treatment to adults and children for over 25 years. His adult patient treatment routinely involves orthodontic re-treatment, missing teeth, implant spacing, TMD problems, jaw surgery, and all combinations. Dr. Hall has extensive experience in treating combined Orthodontic-Jaw Surgery cases. Experience in treating adult orthodontic problems allows Dr. Hall a unique perspective on treating children and teens orthodontics, with their future in mind. Trust your orthodontic treatment to a certified Orthodontist. Orthodontists complete 3 additional years of study after dental school to become Orthodontic Specialists.

Lingual Orthodontics Specialization

Dr. Hall has over 25 years experience using Lingual braces. He has attended numerous conferences and advanced training for this evolving technology and science of Lingual braces. Incognito Lingual braces are the most advanced generation of Lingual braces that Dr. Hall offers. Dr. Hall is recognized nationally by membership in the Incognito Golden Circle of Excellence with 12 other orthodontists across the United States.

Because of his experience and training his practice has been recognized by 3M-Unitek as a Center of Excellence for Incognito lingual braces in Houston.

TMD Therapy

Dr. Hall has over 25 years experience in TMD splint therapy. This is one of the most conservative, effective, and reliable methods for treating TMD/TMJ problems.

Accelerated Orthodontics Advanced Training

Dr. Hall is certified by advanced training in PAOO/Wilckodontics. This technique allows a better orthodontic result, with additional bone, and post treatment stability, in a fraction of the normal orthodontic treatment time. Most accelerated orthodontic treatments are completed in 6-12 months using traditional outside braces or custom lingual braces. Advanced training is required to become certified in Wilckodontics. Dr. Hall has the most experience among orthodontists in Texas with this type treatment.

Professional Memberships

Outside the Office

Dr. Tom F. Hall is an avid outdoorsman and In his free time enjoys sailing, water skiing, reading, bicycling, travel, hunting, and fishing. He is a regular supporter of the MS 150 Houston to Austin fundraising bicycle tour, having ridden 10 MS 150 Tours.

He resides in Houston and spends most weekends on the Texas coast.

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