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Many patients are apprehensive or self-conscious about how they will look while wearing braces. Outside braces or plastic aligners both are Visible and come with distinct lifestyle disadvantages and treatment limitations.  Many individuals find that the idea of wearing traditional metal braces or plastic aligners is scary and unattractive to their appearance.

With the popularity of clear braces options, such as ceramic braces, plastic aligners Invisalign or Clear Correct, many patients have found that minor dental imperfections can be adjusted with these. However clear braces and plastic aligners have inherent limitations in effectiveness along with less than optimal cosmetics for moderate to severe dental problems.

Lingual Braces Superior Results

Lingual Braces made just for you

Lingual braces are a superior Orthodontic option.  Lingual braces are the Most effective and Most cosmetic orthodontic solution.  They are affixed on the inside, or back of the patient’s teeth, so are totally Invisible when you smile. The inside of the tooth is known as the lingual side. Because of their placement inside your mouth, they are Invisible. Lingual braces are custom built for each patient.  The manufacturing process is three times (3x) more precise than outside braces or plastic aligners.  Because of the precision, lingual braces are 95% effective.  Lingual Braces can be used in ALL cases.  Hall Orthodontics is an expert in lingual braces and offers several types including INCOGNITO, EMBRACE, and ALIAS brands.  

Experience Matters

Dr. Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS is the only Houston orthodontic office that is a Center of Excellence for Lingual braces. Dr. Hall has treated hundreds of patients using Lingual Braces. This unique system allows for patients to smile with confidence both during and after treatment. Lingual braces are completely hidden from view as they are attached to the back of the teeth. 

Lingual Braces Are for ALL Patients

  • Teens
  • Patients that Want the Best Orthodontic Result
  • Adults that are self-conscious about how they will look in traditional metal braces or Plastic aligners.
  • Adults that work with the Public.
  • Teens that play a wind instrument or contact sports
  • Patients that have had Previous Orthodontics that did not Deliver the Desired Result.

Elite Lingual Braces expert serving the Houston area

As with many orthodontic treatments, each case is different and before you decide on the type of Braces, make sure you consult with Dr. Hall and his team. Dr. Hall and his team have treated hundreds of patients with Lingual Braces. Lingual braces can be used effectively in All cases.

Overbites, Deep bites, spacing, crowding can all be corrected with Lingual braces. Even surgical Orthodontics and Accelerated orthodontics can use Lingual Braces. When consulting, Dr. Hall will examine your teeth and help to choose the right option of orthodontics for your case. Of course, our team wants the best for you and for you to be happy throughout your orthodontic journey.

Dr. Tom Hall and his team are the Nationally Recognized Elite Lingual Braces experts serving the Houston area and take pride in the fact. You can learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation with Dr. Hall at one of their 2 convenient locations.

No two cases or patients are alike, which means no two sets of lingual braces are alike. Lingual braces are 100% digitally customized for the best, most reliable result. A benefit of this technology is that appointments are fewer, require less of your time, and can deliver faster orthodontic treatment times. Not only are you getting efficient tooth placement but as a bonus, superior aesthetics for self-image as well.  Dr. Hall and his team have the most experience with all types of Lingual braces cases in Houston.

Patients report very little discomfort when getting lingual braces, and slight pressure sometimes is experienced with your teeth as they adjust to the new positioning. Most patients adapt to the new braces within the first few hours to days after the braces are placed.

Dr. Hall and his highly trained staff are experts in the application of Lingual braces. If you feel like this is an option for you on your orthodontic journey, please schedule an appointment for consolation today to learn how Lingual braces can deliver the best orthodontic result in the least time.

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