Age eight is the time to have an orthodontic screening at Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS. By this time, key permanent teeth have started, or should have started eruption. Many dentists will tell parents to wait until more teeth have erupted; however, sometimes teeth are trapped or impacted and will not begin movement unless steps are taken to help. When your child visits our North Loop or Southwest FW offices, we can take radiographs/X-rays to identify any hidden developmental issues. These issues are easily corrected at this age, but may be more difficult to resolve as your child gets older.

If appropriate, Phase I Interceptive Orthodontics will address developmental issues of erupting teeth, and any skeletal/jaw issues that may exist. This phase of orthodontic treatment is accomplished with various types of appliances. These appliances can modify and enhance growth of the jaws and lower face while your child is growing. The purpose of Phase I Interceptive Orthodontics is to set the stage for Phase II Orthodontics, which addresses tooth and bite alignment. Phase II Orthodontics is accomplished with braces of various types or clear aligners.

Whether you child needs Phase I Interceptive Orthodontics or simply Phase II Orthodontics, you can rest assured that your child’s treatment will be done with appliances that are the most effective and reliable. We understand that children may not be the most compliant patients. Most of our orthodontic appliances are fixed, or glued, onto the teeth. We have found this eliminates non-compliance and lost orthodontic appliances when patients are young. This not only makes your child’s treatment easier for them, but for you as well.

Dr. Hall has been treating children and teens in the Greater Heights areas of Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Washington Avenue, and Galleria area for more than 28 years. Our Buffalo Speedway location is in the center of River Oaks, West University, Medical Center, Downtown Houston, and Galleria areas. Call to schedule your child’s initial orthodontic appointment today!

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