Once considered mainly for children, orthodontics is now becoming popular among adults. Braces and retainers don’t look the way they used to, or take as long to work, which is encouraging many adults to seek treatment.

When your teeth and bite are aligned properly, your smile will look more natural and attractive. Straight teeth tend to be healthier and last longer as well.

Why braces?

At Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS, we have specialized in adult orthodontics in Houston for more than 25 years. Adult orthodontics is similar but different than for children. Adults are motivated to straighten teeth for various reasons. Many are life based, such as getting married, getting single, or addressing bite or jaw problems that have bothered them for some time. Adults may have tired of looking at crooked teeth in the mirror every morning, or having their dentist ask why they haven’t sought orthodontics. Many of our adult orthodontic patients have had previous braces as a teen or adult, and need re-treatment. Preparing for cosmetic dental work or replacing missing teeth often requires orthodontics first, to align the bite. Veneers and cosmetic dentistry to be successful should only be done after teeth are straight and the bite has been aligned. 

Making Your Smile a Success

Understand that orthodontic technology has come a long way since you were a teen, and the experience can be quite easy, if you do your homework.

  • All orthodontists are not the same. Choosing an orthodontist who focuses on adult orthodontics is important, because it is different that treating children.
  • Which braces are right for you? Choose an orthodontic system or braces that will deliver the result you desire. Are you looking for just an improvement, or do you want the best result possible? 
  • Make your treatment convenient. Dr. Hall has two convenient locations in Houston inside the 610 loop. These locations are convenient to Downtown Houston, the Galleria, and the Texas Medical Center, West University, River Oaks, and Greater Heights.

Types of Braces for Adults

All braces are not the same. 

  • Traditional braces are available in metal or ceramic tooth color. These work well, but are on the outside of the teeth, making them less comfortable and harder to clean. 
  • Plastic aligners are effective in minor cases, but they are not the same as braces. Plastic aligners have treatment limitations, unreliable results, and some undesirable treatment side effects. 
  • Lingual braces, on the inside of the teeth, are the most effective, reliable, and aesthetic orthodontic system available. Lingual braces are the most comfortable and will deliver the best result of all braces. Lingual braces require an orthodontist that has advanced training and years of experience to have successful treatment outcomes. 
  • Accelerated orthodontics in the form of Wilckodontics® and surgically facilitated orthodontics allow some cases to be completed in half the time of traditional orthodontics, usually between six to 12 months.

Our Experience

Tom F. Hall, DDS, MS has years of experience in treating adult orthodontics in Houston. Because adult orthodontics is different from children’s orthodontics, experience matters. Dr. Hall has treated thousands of adults with simple crowding, to complex cases that require multidisciplinary treatments with oral maxillofacial surgery and cosmetic dentistry. Some cases require orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery) in combination with orthodontics. Orthodontics combined with jaw surgery can deliver dramatic and optimum effectiveness when indicated.


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