Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Once considered mainly for children, orthodontics is now becoming more and more popular among adults. Braces and retainers don’t look the way they used to, or take as long to work, which is driving more adults to seek treatment.

In our practice, 50% of our patients are adults. Options such as Invisalign, and clear braces are perfect for adults. You can customize the areas you want improved without the worry of bulky or distracting braces. Our orthodontic team understands the importance of feeling your best —both during and after treatment.

Whether you want to straighten out a crooked tooth or just feel better about your smile, there’s a treatment for you. Our adults services are designed to brighten your smile and your self-confidence, starting with your very first appointment.

The fact that orthodontic procedures can now fix crooked teeth and improve overall facial appearance is driving more adults to orthodontic treatment. But, orthodontic treatment is not only about straightening teeth. New techniques focus on improving the appearance of the jaw, lips and tongue.

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